9 Gems are one of the oldest firms in Vadodara, the city of culture & heritage. We are in this business from nearly decades and our goodwill outcomes of our hard work, experience, and customer satisfaction.

We deal in all kind of real gemstones, which have been identified by
traditional Indian gemologists. We carry a wide range of precious stones in all types of shapes.

9 gems introduce patrons to the purest and beautiful expansion of divinity among natural minerals 9 core gem types, which have been prized possessions among the grandest of civilizations across time, ranging from Incas to Mayans to Egyptians, Greeks, Moghuls, Ming dynasty and beyond. Gems are associated with mysterious beauty, divine power, and healing properties.

Choose from our range of ready to adorn gemstones assured of authentic quality and available in various dimensions. Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond, Pearls, Coral, Cat’s eye and Hessonite the wide spectrum of gemstones is ready to adorn your body and counter the negativity around you. We hold a name for our quality products, high-level customer satisfactions and competitive price. Also, committed to extended best deals and price.  We also deal in gold and diamond jewelry.