9 Gems are one of the oldest gemstone provider firms in Vadodara & also been considered as one of the best whole seller and retail supplier of certified astrological Gemstones in Gujarat.

We offer high parameters of quality control along with every gem purchase.
Each gemstone carries a unique certification, adding to assurance and value for customers. IDI Certified gemstones have made 9 gems earn the reputation for providing unmatched services and raising the benchmark of quality standards in gemstones business. The guarantee of good quality and honest rates are a commitment from 9 gems to its valued clients.

The highly trained staff assists new franchise members and supports their customized choices. 9 gems are prepared and motivated to serve franchisee with warmth and feelings. There will be exclusive training programs for every outlet where in-house trainers shall assist new local staff to promote the brand. Every franchise shall be taken care of. Comfortable and convenient packages offer the most value added deal to support business in growing gemstone market. The packages are designed to understand business needs. Each franchise shall end up being a knowledge bank of gemstones after due training.

With thirteen franchises, one in the heart of north Gujarat Modasa, second at Surat and third at Amreli overlooking the south and west Gujarat. The statewide franchise shall bring gems that add aesthetic proportions to your life and usher a prosperous future that you always desire and truly deserve.

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